8th annual Yarmouth Art Festival to be Oct. 19-22

Entries are now closed for the 8th annual Yarmouth Art Festival. Artists will be notified of jurors’ selections by Oct. 3, at which time the Show Catalog will appear on this site.

See the Rules page for information on the jurying and delivery process. The show will be Oct. 19-22, 2016, at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, 396 Gilman Road, Yarmouth, Maine.

Jurors for 2016 are  Peg Golden, owner of Greenhut Galleries in Portland; artist Suzanne Harden; and Chris Thompson, associate professor at Maine College of Art and principal in the Thompson’s Point development.

.Questions? Email info@yarmouthartfestival.com

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Thank you for a very successful 7th annual Yarmouth Art Festival!

  • Lots of people came through in 2015, and 48 pieces sold

Many thanks to the volunteers, visitors and artists who made the 7th annual Yarmouth Art Festival a success!

A total of 48 pieces were sold, which may be a record for the show. As important, the show was very well attended every day, with a huge turnout for the artists reception Thursday evening.

The show ran Wednesday through Saturday, Oct. 21-24, 2015 at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church at 396 Gilman Road in Yarmouth. The show featured artists from throughout Maine, and this year’s selections were from areas of the state as diverse as Indian Island, Lyman, Rangeley, and many points in between.

A record number of 382 pieces were entered for jurying this year. Jurors for 2015 were artist Suzanne Harden; Anne Haas, Bowdoin College art librarian; and Peg Golden, owner of Greenhut Galleries in Portland.

The online show catalog displays all the pieces in the 2015 show, along with information about each artist. Pieces that were sold are marked SOLD in the title. View the catalog athttps://www.flickr.com/photos/yarmouthartfestival/collections/7215765684…

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For more information about the requirements for submission, see the Rules page.

The event, created in 2009 as a new venue for Maine artists, features painting, drawing, sculpture and photography. Entry fees and sale commissions support St. Bart’s programs.

Artists whose work was selected for the 2015 show are:
Anne Ackerman
Cynthia Asherman
Carolyn Bachman
Tricia Barnhard
Charles Barron
Claude Bergeron
Stephanie Berry
Marilyn Bickford
Betsy Bisson
John Bowdren
Steve Bradford
Rachael Bradley
Shelley Breton
Susan Carter
Mary Anne Cary
Maria Castellano-Usery
Barbara Chase
Michelle Hero Clarke
George Cooke
Joseph Cousins
Sukie Curtis
Jamie Cypher
Mike Czosnek
Kevin Daley
Cheryl Dicara
Mari Dieumegard
David Doyle
Georgia Driscoll
David Elliott
Kristen Farnham
Marlena Faxon
Michael Fillyaw
Gay Freeborn
Judine French
Janet Glatz
Linda Green
Rick Green
Stephen Harris
Steve Hayes
Bobbi Heath
Liz Hoag
Herb Hollingsworth
Douglas Houle
Alice W. Ingraham
Diana Johnson
Tony Lisa
Anne Lively
Judith Logan
Lindy Lyman
Rachel Maher
Mollie Mason
Caren-Marie Michel
Katharine Nelson
Julia Nichols
Diane Noble
Edward Nolde
James O’Reilly
Page O’Rourke
Phyllis Ouellette
Linda Panzera
Daniel Paulding
Judson Pealer
Sandra Pealer
Léa Peterson
E.P. Pirt
David Platt
Jeff Plucker
Denley Poor-Reynolds
Anita F. Poulin
Amy Puleo
Jane Sawyer
Judith Schneider
Anne Schutz
Judy Shank
Cynthia Smith
Polly Smith
Sarah Soule
Dot Starkweather
Bill Tomsa
Christine Torraca
Ellen Vaughan
Michael E. Vermette
Janet Waterman
Julie Waterman
Michael Welch
Jan Wentling
Lucinda White
Jim Williams
Chris Wriggins