AmyAudet Lomasney
Wells, ME

I love that nature changes by the moment and that is what I seek to capture, just that minute of perfection. I love all weather, every season, the atmosphere of each moment. I seek to capture nature’s magnificence and her subleties. I find beauty in both. I began training as an artist at a young age with a professional fine artist in our town. I continued for several years and high school found me in the art class at every available moment. I attended Vesper George School of Art mostly in Graphic Design training but adding painting classes as my schedule permitted. At various times I have pursued additional workshops and blocks of lessons to further my skills and sharpen my eye. I will continue to do so. This February I decided it was time to follow my heart and have been painting full time since. I love pastels and oils equally and will frequently paint the same location with both mediums.