Beth Badger
Brunswick, ME

Beth Badger, Brunswick, Maine. Contemporary Realist I have been an artist all my life. I started to draw when I was a young girl; trees were my first love. Meticulously realistic trees, branches, roots. Then, it was barns. Then, fields, water, animals, people, flowers, and it became everything…. anything. I know it when I see it. I have a snapshot memory. I studied art in college in NY. The chair of the department was a fabulous abstractionist, and I was a realist. He didn\'t like realism anymore, but he knew it backward and forward and I was lucky to have him as my teacher. Oer the years since that, I have continued to learn and study with great artists and teachers in ME, KY, OK, CO, MA,and NY, and Japan. My art is a practice. Although I love to be spontaneous, I practice so I can paint better. I draw, then paint. I love color. I am grateful to have and harness this gift. I hope you can feel and see how deeply I experience the things I paint, and that you may want to carry a piece of that away with you, in peace.