David Costello

Freeport, ME

“I am primarily a studio artist. While much of my inspiration comes from the world around us, the majority comes from within. I believe that we (human beings) are primarily spiritual beings, and as such we are intrinsically connected to all that is “Creation”. I’m a big fan of beauty – that is my primary focus. Beauty is all around us. It can be seen as well as felt and experienced with all the senses. When creating a piece of art I draw from what I see in nature and what I see with the eyes of the heart. David Costello studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, the San Francisco Art Academy and the Carmel Art Institute. His work has been exhibited in Europe and the US, winning numerous awards. David works primarily in soft pastel. A Resident of Freeport, Maine he is a member of the Pastel Society of America, Pastel Society of Maine, Pastel Society of New Hampshire and Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod.

Website: http://www.davidcostello.com