David Elliott

david@photoelliott.com | (207) 846-3640
30 Wildwood Blvd.
Cumberland Foreside, ME 04110

My first experience with photography, at the age of seven, was a box camera (pre-Brownie), a gift from my father. I took a great number of black and white images. While attending the University of Arizona, I, with fellow physics and math majors, spent hours in the desert photographing everything from desert wild flowers to old mine sites to archaeological sites to lightning. Years pass where my photography consisted of candid images of children and travel “snap shots”. During the past two decades I have returned to the art of photography working in black and white, color, mixed media and video. My current areas of interests are: landscape, architecture, including real estate, documentation, and environmental portraits. I have uses 35mm, medium and view camera formats for film, worked in B&W and color darkrooms, using color machines. I have made the transition to from silver to digital. While in Italy, I continued to work on my photography concentration on recording architecture detail, the hill towns and the math of art as shown in design. I have expanded to work on natural light portraiture and the natural world.

Website: www.photoelliott.com