Dudley Warner

dudley.warner@gmail.com | (207) 9567460
9 Hedgerow Dr.
Falmouth, ME 04105

The primary focus for Dudley Warner\'s photography is nature and wildlife, which has been a logical progression from his interests in backpacking and climbing. He moved to Maine 2 years ago after living in Maryland for the last 40 years, and has been building a portfolio here. Dudley Warner\'s photography is hanging in public buildings in MD. His images have been featured in several local and regional publications in the Washington, DC area. Photographs have received awards in regional contests and have hung in regional exhibits. He has had images exhibited at national, state, and county parks. He has successfully sold his photographs in four states at exhibits, galleries, and in stores. Much of Dudley’s work emphasizes the diversity of habitats and wildlife that is accessible to many of us. His photographic images range from detailed portraits of animals and plants in their environment to ranging landscapes His work is evolving to also include more abstract images of nature. This exploration of natural shapes and color is an area of interest for continued growth as a photographer. Light and shadow are critical elements in all of his photographs. Every effort is made to acquire the best light possible regardless of the subject or composition.

Website: WARNERPhotography.org