Diane Noble

Biddeford, ME

Diane Noble Acrylic Paintings I am an artist and art educator, recently retired from teaching in Saco schools. I have focused on acrylic landscape painting since 2005 after working in many art mediums over the years. I have taken many plein-air painting workshops with artists I admire and pushed myself to learn as much as possible. I have always loved the outdoor wide open spaces, where you can see way off into the distance, wondering what is beyond. These are often the images in my landscape paintings. I begin painting by laying out the composition, developing an under painting with blue and red violet and yellow ochres, and building up the painting layering the colors by value, working on all areas of the composition, adjusting as I go. I add the highlights last and then hang the painting up to view for days or weeks, going back to it as needed. There is something enlightening about staring at a blank canvas with an image in my head and the excitement of developing it to completion.

Website: http://www.dianenobleart.com