Daniel Paulding

Parsonsfield, ME

Daniel Paulding is a student of the methods of the past. Always interested in the creative process, he decided to have his mid-life crisis a little early (mid-30\\\\\\\'s) not by buying the obligatory red convertible but by instead re-enrolling at The University of Southern Maine, earning his B.F.A. in Art Education with a concentration in Painting. His traditional subject matters of figure, landscape, and still life are complimented by his traditional choice of mediums, often charcoal, pastel, or oil paint. He often prepares his own supports and makes his own frames, adding yet more layers to the artist\\\\\\\'s creative process. He favors realism with a bit of expressive mark-making. Daniel lives in Parsonsfield, Maine with his wife Heidi and their three children. He can be reached at danpaulding@outlook.com or of course, he can be followed on The Book of Faces.