Rick Green

cumberland, ME

My paintings emulate the dynamic forces of chaos and order that sculpt the planet and the Maine coast in particular. Literally. To execute my paintings, I use those same forces of heat, wind and liquidity to shape minerals - pigments - so they look like, for example, the coastline. But my work will look to any other place where nature's elements work in a destructive and beautiful harmony. Working in Maine, I have had easy access to the coast. It is a beautiful but hardscrabble place where the sea sculpts the land, and the land guides the water to create vistas that are somehow both ancient and dynamically new and alive. My preference is to take a viewpoint from the sky, a satellite's view yet a perspective of the land that yields no trace of human endeavor. From there, perspectives dissolve, leaving images we attempt to recognize. Is it the edge of a small creek? Or the coast of a large cove? Macro and micro geology, after all, tend to play by the same rules and so often look very much alike. Many of my works are based on specific places, but many aren\'t and I prefer to leave the perspective to the viewer.

Website: http://www.rickgreenart.com