Fred Mafigiri
South Portland, ME

FIGY (Fred Mafigiri) is a graduate of Makerere University, Uganda where he did a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Fine Arts. He has always loved drawing ever since he was a child, that over the years his talent has developed vastly through impressionism and realism. He says “Art is everything” and must be shared. Being Free-spirited, he believes art is therapy thus painting in a “dripping and splattering style” which shows a lot of Action and movement in his works. He is inspired by his love for wildlife, Cultural Values, figurative moods, color and movement. The artist has exhibited before at Mill creek Art in the park, Riverviews art space VA, McGuffey art center VA, Old orchard gallery MO, Webster art center MO, Makerere University art gallery, Uganda German Cultural Society (UGCS), Ikara Art Studio, Sheraton Uganda, Niyo Art Gallery (Rwanda), The Village market art gallery Kenya, Banana hill contemporary art gallery.