Gay Freeborn
Brownfield, ME

Born in Palo Alto CA and now residing for over 35 years in a small town in the mountains of Maine, I am grateful every day for the inspiration my surroundings bring to my paintings.  I have studied art since childhood, inspired by artistic family members, childhood art teachers and attending Moore College of Art in PA as well as taking classes locally and at Community Colleges. Now returning to painting after many years of developing an interior and exterior design business, I have chosen to focus on capturing the likeness and emotions of animals as well as portraying the relationship between man and his canine best friend. My paintings are done in oil on canvas, linen or wood panel and convey with urgency the motion, shape and appreciation I have for the animal.  I use under painting, thinning mediums and thick over painting to sculpt my subjects on the canvas bringing them to life in an unconventional form. My work is shown in numerous galleries and centers and I am currently working on paintings for a children’s book. With my Labradors at my feet, the snow swirling outside, I cannot think of a better way to spend the long winter months in the North Country. With each painting there comes discovery of that which I could never have imagined or planned. Splashes of light and shadow or a complimentary color that “just happens” as the painting takes shape are the things that aren’t noticed before painting them but bring enhanced observation when brushed onto the canvas.                       Paintings can be viewed and purchased through these galleries: Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery, Sandwich NH Harvest Gold Gallery, Lovell ME The Station Gallery, Greenville DE Vermont Artisan Designs, Brattleboro VT