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My Art History JLAUGHLINARTCOM.GALLERY I was born in Caracas Venezuela in August 17th, 1949. I  started painting for school projects at an early age. While my art was often selected for display at my school in Switzerland I never thought that it would turn into a career. Painting at the time was something that I  had to be able to do. As I matured I did not pay much attention to  my painting; I concentrated in reading the French Classics, the English Classics and in  studying the language and culture  of the countries I respectively lived in. I lived in Venezuela, Switzerland, England, France and now the USA. I studied languages in Switzerland and England; decoration at the Inchbold School of Design London, Special painting at The Parson School London, at Christie’s Fine Arts London and Contemporary Art at the American University in Paris. I took up painting again when I moved to Paris in 2000, after 20 years of concentrating in Interior Design. I  have always loved to combine colors and create  harmonious and confortable spaces while giving them a touch of originality. As part of my practice in painting, while studying Contemporary Art at the American University  in Paris, I reproduced  Masters from the Museum of Modern Art under the supervision of a Maestro and sketched live models in his Art Studio. It wasn\'t until my return to Venezuela in 2006 that I started to form my own artistic identity. I painted under the supervision of  Maestro Alvarez de Lugo. When I moved to Miami in 2008 I painted with supervision at the Miami Art Centre. Since then  I have painted independently in Maine during the Summers months and in New York. I draw my  inspiration from the sublime of nature  informed specially by my experiences during my trips to Africa and  Maine. Lately the feeling one gets looking at the clouds and the infinite through the window of the plane have also inspired me. The ethereal, light, shadows, shapes, colors and the moods that nature  can invoque have always inspired me and moved me to create or to try to replicate on canvas with oil paint and  acrylic.

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