Kate McGreavy

Bath, ME

Kate McGreavy is an intuitive painter living in Midcoast Maine. Kate uses flowing, bold layers of color, often producing works with an ethereal quality. Painting is her way of expressing a visual language while tuning in, connecting and remaining present. It is a practice in letting go, opening up, staying curious and exploring new ideas. Each painting begins without a plan and emerges naturally through intuitive guidance . Kate likes to tune in to people\'s energy when creating custom art. This flow of energy guides the unfolding of a painting and leads to surprising images, colors, and a deep connection to the art that can\'t be explained in words. Kate is inspired by all things wild and especially enjoys exploring the woods with her husband and two sons. She finds wonder and awe in the details of nature and is known to spend too much time gazing at the sky. In real life, Kate is a special education teacher at Lincoln Academy, but uses summers to attend fine art festivals throughout Maine.

Website: http://www.katemcgreavy.com