Kathleen Blackburn

Cape Elizabeth, ME

Kathleen is a native of Chicago, Illinois. With the passing of her husband and son she moved to Cape Elizabeth, Maine in 2009 to be closer to her son and his family. She had lived in Sault Ste. Marie and Richards Landing, Ontario for 28 years. Prior to that she and her family had resided in Iowa, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. She obtained her Master’s in Psychology at Northern Illinois University – DeKalb and Her professional career focused on Behavior Health starting at Elgin State Hospital, Elgin Illinois. It was there where her interest in art started by encouraging chronic mentally ill adults to dabble in art. Although she does not have any formal training, she has taken community art workshops in Minot, North Dakota, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Sault Ste. Nita Marie, Ontario and Michigan. Artists that have made an impression on her development are Gordon Mac Kenzie (Ontario – Student of Zoltan Zabo), Coyla Graver, Pat Norton, Nita Engles (Michigan) and Rosella Kelly (Green Bay). While working in Human Services in Ontario she taught art in a Psychiatric Adult Day Treatment Program in Sault Ste. Marie. She joined a local art group (Visions) in the Sault and wrote a $10,000 grant in 1986to the Ontario Government to assist the group in opening a storefront consignment shop for the artists and craftsmen to sell their work. It was there that she began selling her work and attended art fairs. Enjoy her Art.