Laurie Russo-Smith

About Laurie Russo-Smith Laurie is a graduate of American College of Switzerland, Leysin, Switzerland/1971 with an Associates of Arts and Goddard College, Plainfield, VT/ 1973 with Bachelor of Arts degree. Receiving the Art Award 2 consecutive years at ACS. She spent many years supporting an artist collective as participant and steering committee member. Laurie also worked as a clinical case manager for the homeless in W. Mass for many years and leads art workshops. She currently works creating art in her home studio in Southern Maine, where she lives with her husband, Paul and Naomi, an 8lb Maltese. Artist Statement When I go to my studio all else drops away and I enter a world of color & play. Painting for me is very tactile, visually exciting and colorful. I allow images to come through me as I work with paint or pastel on canvas or paper. I enjoy watching water and color blend and swirl together, layer upon translucent layer; one brushstroke leading to the next. I love the buttery feel of the soft pastels; the way colors blend together and interact with one another. I do not plan my paintings but simply allow them to evolve as they will; with each stroke I get a sense of what to do next. I continue painting until, intuitively, I know it is time to stop. I think of my paintings as visual poems or dances. All are inspired by a love of landscapes…the Swiss Alps, the Berkshires of W. Mass and the coast of Maine.