Elizabeth Jamison

lib.jamison@yahoo.com | (207) 2155994
59 Marlborough Road
Portland , ME 04103

Originally from East Tennessee, I have lived in Maine since 1988, but I have never lost my accent. I came into photography late in life, starting with a Sony Mavica digital camera that used 3-1/2” discs. I have come a long way since then. I had a long and storied career as a practitioner and teacher of architectural and engineering design on the high school and college level as well as being the former Executive Director of Women Unlimited, a state-wide non-profit agency . I have been blessed to work in jobs in which I had passion. My job took me all over Maine, and I was able to capture some wonderful photographs. I have always recognized the importance of a respectful relationship between humans and the natural environment in which we live. In my photography as in my work, I seek to communicate that balance. My other hobbies include telling humorous stories, writing, cooking, and entertaining my friends. I love a good tale, and hope that my photos tell a story as well.

Website: http://www.Libjamisonphotos.com