Linda Horstmann | (207) 347.9051
24 Gables Dr # B
Yarmouth, Maine, ME 04096

My Father was a twin and his brother was an acclaimed artist. At an early age I showed some ability to draw and paint. My father did not have the same talent as his twin brother. Instead he fostered the arts in me. I remain forever grateful! I took lots of painting and drawing lessons and grew to love fostering the arts in others. For a large part of my life, I have enjoyed working with a variety of artistic endeavors and exposing others to many forms of art. I have helped to raise monies, serve on boards and expose children to live theatre and music. The Portland Symphony, Children's Theatre of Maine, 317 Main Street, Yarmouth Arts, the KISMET Foundation, 240 Strings and the Portland Piano Trio. With an extensive background in fashion, art and color theory, and a passion for gardening, and floral arranging, I enjoy painting with vibrant colors. The way in which I define "vibrant" is pure and bright, and the colors appear to jump off of my canvas. My paintings evolve from my love of nature and the beauty that surrounds me and the inner peace that I feel when creating an image that has brought me great joy! I enjoy working with pastels, as I see them as the truest of color. Linda Horstmann, Artist

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