Michael Maron

South Portland, ME

I am a retired medical school professor, who did pulmonary research and taught medical students how their lungs function. Upon retiring and moving to Maine, I took up painting and work in watercolor, oil, and acrylic. I am drawn to artwork that gives me a glimpse of what life was like in the past and like the idea of creating paintings that will do the same for those viewing in the future. I am currently drawing inspiration from the lobstermen whom I observe working along the southern Maine coast. I also have a whimsical side that can emerge as paintings of such things as ribbon candy, iris flower stems, and Floridian seabirds. Regardless of the subject, I am interested in how colors interact with one another to convey a sense of place, time, and mood. I currently serve as coexhibit chair (along with my wife) for the Art Guild of the Kennebunks.

Website: http://www.mikemaron.artspan.com