Page O'Rourke | (207) 8464824
94 South Street
Yarmouth, ME 04096

Painting with a crisp, clean Pop Art sensibility my art is drawn from my sketchpads full of special Maine places I’ve visited. The palette reflects the feelings I have from those places; the warmth of a calm summer day, discovering a quiet cove, hiking to a special spot. Challenging myself to simplify the complex shapes I find in nature, I break them down to their essence through color and form. I use flat, bold imagery and work with the visual effects of color relationships to achieve space and depth. Growing up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, an area that shares with Maine a rich artistic history and community, I was inspired by my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, all artists. I graduated from George School, a Quaker School in Newtown, Pa. and majored in Fine Art at Trinity College, Hartford, Ct. I studied illustration at Parson's School of Design. I live in Yarmouth, Maine with my husband Kevin. We have two sons, Griffin 22 and Duncan 19. We have lived in Maine for 17 years and many more to come.