Kimberly Skillin Traina
Edgecomb, ME

In 2011, I started painting with soft pastels. I love the intensity of the color, the ability to layer, and the feel of the medium as I work the pastels with my fingers. My work is about capturing a feeling, a quality of light, a sense of spirituality and the essence of a moment in time found in nature. Making art is soul food for me - being outdoors, connecting with nature, creating in my studio, losing all sense of time and place. Art, like life, is a work in progress, each piece I create is a study for the next, building intuition and opening to trust. If I’m not painting “en plein-aire,” I start with a photograph I have taken, but the end result is always it’s own story. I hang my pastels in my studio for months, picking them up to add a color, or change a shape until the story that wants to be told is complete. Painting keeps me connected and focused, living in the moment, reminding me I have a choice in how I view the world around me. As an artist, it is my hope to ignite a spark, stimulate a response, and convey my passion for this beautiful place I call home.