stacey Lodato
Freeport, ME

STACEY LODATO Painter, Interior Designer Freeport, Maine EDUCATION, TRAINING & WORKSHOPS University of Mississippi, Oxford Bachelor of Arts- Interior Design 1985 Beech Hill Studio- Freeport Student of Liz Prescott 2010 to present Monheagan Island painting workshops Summers 2012-2017 GROUP SHOWS & SALES Freeport Public Library Beech Hill Studio Painters March 2013 Creative Economy Studio Show & Sale Cat Swank’s Studio on the Hill Freeport, Maine November 2011 and November 2012 Log Cabin Holiday Show Yarmouth, Maine December 2015 Holiday Home show Freeport, Maine December 2015 and 2016 ARTIST’S STATEMENT and COMMENTARY OF SUBMITTED WORK On painting rocks and seascapes Since moving to the coast of Maine 20 years ago I have been drawn to the beautiful rocks along the shores of the mainland and islands. I paint landscapes, still lives and sometimes people and pets, but rocks are what I enjoy the most. I recently began thinking of them as more than a part of a seascape but rather the main event of the painting. The colors, textures, shapes and enormity of them will forever hold my interest On painting & design I feel that painting and design are a perfect complement to each other. As an Interior Designer I explore composition, color and the relationship of objects. As a painter, these theories can be further explored, tested and proven. I enjoy creating beautiful paintings and designs and their similarities benefit my work in both areas.