Aimee Timmins | (207) 518-9907
11 York Woods Road
South Berwick, ME 03908

Aimee has spent 50+ years enjoying photographing, drawing, and painting in Nature. Living in the Maine Woods she spends much time enjoying the sights, sounds, textures, feel, and color of the boreal forest. She kayaks along her property regularly and takes each day as a gift. Her painting and photography are born from this community with nature. Classically trained as a musician, and having studied at Art with the Smithsonian Institute and Washington Studio School, Aimee has blended music with the visual picture plane. Rhythm, texture, tone, scent, color, line, and harmony continually influence her work. Aimee loves looking up close and even through the microscope to find patterns, spirals, and abstractions in nature. She is an animal welfare advocate and a devote environmentalist.