david hyde

Pownal, ME

I have been traveling with my camera as a companion for 15 years or more. Many of my images are landscapes, but I have also spent time capturing people, settings, cityscapes. My preference is compositions that cause me (and hopefully the viewer) to stop and really look at what is being presented. Being in a certain place or time to witness what is being offered is most interesting to me. It could be on a lobster boat hauling traps or the Chicago skyline or on the wild coast of Ireland. I have been recently working on images that capture reflections in windows. What I am seeking are images that capture what is behind the glass and images that are reflected in the glass (inside and out) and how they speak to each other. It naturally creates a double negative effect, which brings more interest and creativity to what is presented. This is a form of “deception” There is that moment when you are surprised by the ordinary becomes the unusual. There are things that make us stop and consider what we are seeing. The opportunity is to consider/see what is on the other side of the window (in it or behind it) and what is being juxtaposed or contrasted with another image. Not every window setting offers that possibility but, when it does, it can create some intriguing visuals that pose the question, “what are you seeing?”, and “how is this happening?” Each day, each morning or afternoon, that image presentation changes with light, colors, people, angle, landscape. The story changes and many are just fleeting moments. I live in Pownal with my wife, Sarah.