Cheryl Young

I do mostly color pencil drawings, usually of animals. Animals are important to us and we love to interact with them, whether they are acting true to their instincts or doing something that strikes us as human. This connection helps me to communicate emotionally through my work. I start each drawing by doing their eyes first, and that is how I know it is going to work out or be torn up. I am a BFA graduate from University of Southern Maine, majoring in Art and English. In the summer, I show my work at Sebascodegan Gallery. I am an obsessively creative person because I like to garden, sew clothes and home furnishings, refinish furniture, cook fancy candy and cookies, write poems and skits, in addition to my artwork and writing. Each piece of art that I do tells a little story, which comes naturally to me, having published four young adult fantasy books to date, and drawn the first draft covers, which had animals on them, of course. We later went with other covers which gives a better impression of the story. They are The Magic Traveling Stone of Fahdamin-Ra series and Spellbreaker. You can view my website at, or see what I am up to at Facebook at Cheryl of Bath Art.