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Cheryl Young
Bath, Maine

Art tells a story. I combine my love of drawing, color, and nature to make art and the tale is usually about animals. My mediums are color pencil, ink, and watercolor pencil. I graduated from USM with a BFA in Art, concentrating on drawing and textile design. I grew up in rural Brunswick Maine, helping my family raise different domestic animals and watching or interacting with wild creatures in the fields and woods of our extensive property. Animals attract me because we humans have a strong empathetic connection to them. Drawing them is fascinating because animals’ fur, skin, and feathers have texture, patterns, and colors, much like fabrics. As a child, my family was involved in nature conservation. I saw the Androscoggin change from one of the most polluted rivers in the United States to be clean enough for the fish to return, saw my first ospreys in Freeport when Wolfe's Neck State Park opened in 1973, and watched Bald Eagles in Rangely when their numbers in Maine increased. I learned early on that it is easier to not pollute than to try to clean up the mess afterward. It is also better for wild animals to be left alone. The only way I capture them is on paper, lovingly drawing their images and thankful to live in a place like Maine where natural beauty abounds.