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Christina Davis
Scarborough, Maine

I grew up in the rural part of Westbrook Maine, in a small blue house surrounded by wide open fields where I kept my horse. I went to college at the Portland School of Art. There I majored in painting, and later attended classes in painting and jewelry design at Texas Tech University. After my education, I pursued a career as a Jeweler but never stopped painting. I now reside in Scarborough where the beauty of the beaches, trees, and open marsh fields were what called me back to painting on a full time basis. My heritage also inspires my artwork. As a child my family and I visited our cottage on the beautiful red sand beaches of Prince Edward Island. Now, with a family of my own, I make the trek to the Island each year to paint En plein air. Painting landscapes gives me a freedom to use broader brush strokes and play with the natural light of the time of day. When starting a painting, the energy in the brush strokes provoke a movement and a commitment from me as a painter to my viewers. While immersed in the process of painting, and even just observing the scenic beauty of driving down a road, I see the world in mixtures of color, shapes, light, and contrast. My goal as a painter is to capture the essence of the beauty I see. I strive to translate these complexities and peace of the natural world around us through my art. I love keeping my mind open to expand this process each day.

Boothbay Harbor