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Christine Labaree

While I had early exposure to design and photography, I came to painting after 20+ years into a business career. The first time I picked up a brush was at an after-work “paint night” event with friends… and vowed on the drive home to learn to paint and find artists to mentor me. I started with still life but found my heart was really in landscapes, having grown up in Maine with an undeniable love for the outdoors. I’ve also lived in the Bay Area and Boston and have been fortunate to study oils with an accomplished artist/instructor from each coast. In California I was capturing the atmosphere of hills, the play of light on farmland and vineyards, the color “vibration” when contrasting cools and warms naturally come together, and the motion of waves and reflections along the seaside. The New England influence inspired me to paint more rural and coastal scenes and even snowscapes-- what I am experiencing in my everyday life following my return home to Maine in 2020. Whether with brushes or palette knives, I strive to create what is catching my eye: nature’s “design” in flora and fauna; the dynamic range of neutrals in a foggy morning or winter landscape; the movement of water and light throughout our marshes and harbors. Lately, I am finding my art is converging with my values and interests—celebrating the precious waterways, greenspaces, preserves and wildlife around me as a try to capture their beauty in paint.

Tied Up at Ebb Tide