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Diane Woodworth
Hermon, Maine

Diane L. Woodworth Artist’s Statement Photography is an adventure. It allows me to journey far and near. Through this medium, I can be creative and experiment. I have learned patience and perseverance – to wait for the perfect light that sometimes doesn’t happen. Photography has also taught me not hesitate when the right opportunity arises — that special moment when an animal comes into view or shows its personality in a special way. Looking through the lens gives me a chance to see the world from diverse perspectives and feelings. Engaging with the environment – experiencing the cold wind slapping your face or the warm sun as it rises — provides spiritual moments. Chasing the light while capturing these fleeting seconds is part of my existence. I hope to share the sense of adventure and the joy of the journey through the images I create. 
Diane L. Woodworth Hermon & Augusta, Maine

Gathering of Ships
Reflection of McCurdy's Smokehouse