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Diane Woodworth
Hermon, Maine

Photography is an adventure. It allows me to journey far and near. Through this medium, I can be creative and experiment. I have learned patience and perseverance – to wait for the perfect light that sometimes doesn’t happen. Photography has also taught me not hesitate when the right opportunity arises. Maine is the perfect place to explore. From its mountains, rocky coast, and calm lakes, there is always something new see throughout the four seasons. Looking through the lens gives me a chance to see the Maine from diverse perspectives and feelings. Engaging with the environment – experiencing the cold wind slapping your face or the warm sun as it rises — provides spiritual moments. Chasing the light while capturing these fleeting seconds is part of my existence. I hope to share the sense of adventure and the joy of the journey through the images I create. Diane L. Woodworth Hermon & Augusta, Maine

Storm Brewing
Where Land and Sky Meets the Sea