Dudley Warner

Falmouth, ME

Dudley Warner has been interested in photography since his early 20\'s, but became more serious about his work in 2007. The primary focus for his photography is nature and wildlife, which has been a logical progression from his interests in backpacking and climbing. You will find Dudley Warner\'s photography hanging in some public buildings in Montgomery County, MD, his former home before moving to Maine 6 years ago. His images have been featured in several local and regional publications there. Photographs have received awards in regional contests and have hung in regional exhibits. He has had images exhibited at national, state, and county parks. He has sold framed images and fine art cards in 9 shops across 5 states. Dudley worked for 3 years as a Contributing Photographer to The Forecaster which has published his photos in all of their editions. In 2017, he became an FAA certified drone pilot, and is now using drones as a platform for aerial photography. Much of Dudley\'s work emphasizes the diversity of habitats and wildlife that are accessible to many of us. His photographic images range from detailed portraits of animals and plants in their environment to ranging landscapes. * All materials used for this exhibit are archival and of the highest quality.

Website: WARNER Photography