emily Blaschke

Yarmouth, ME

Emily was born and raised in Southern California and received a BA from UC-Berkeley in 1992. More recently, she has made her home in Maine for the past 8 years; a state that holds deep and abiding family ties and connections. “My approach to art has been influenced by a number of factors, with one in particular being especially impactful – that being the American folk art and antique painted furniture that my mother collected. The beauty, design and functionality manifested in the pieces of my mother’s collection has guided me in my work. I utilize layers of different textures, exploding colors and collages in my paintings – similar to a quilt maker. I also incorporate mundane items used in every day life to explore a wide variety of themes and issues confronting society. To this end, my mixed media pieces combine, at times, enduring American icons along with political messages from across the political landscape. Through this means, my art seeks to address the world we live in and challenge the viewer to consider alternative realities worthy of pursuing.\" -Emily Blaschke

Website: https://portlandartgallery.com/about