Elisabeth P. Salberg

Auburn, ME

Elisabeth P. Salberg “I fell in love with the world of art at Duke University, being particularly enchanted by the Renaissance masters as I studied Art History. Soon after graduation, I began oil painting classes but life ended up taking me down an altogether different path and for 34 years I was a Registered Nurse. Once retired, however, I could no longer silence the voice in my head and heart that told me to paint and in 2013, I allowed myself the luxury and the hard work of striving to become an artist working with oils. The beauty I see in Maine is a constant inspiration, and quite a challenge, as I try to transform the world of color, light and shape I see into a painting for others to enjoy.” Elisabeth lives in Auburn, Maine with her husband and their golden retriever. Her web site is Oil Paintings of Maine (oilpaintingsofmaine.com) and she can be contacted through the web site or at (207) 754-5458. Elisabeth has exhibited in Bath, Belfast, Brunswick, Falmouth, Kennebunkport, Lewiston, Norway, Portland, Sanford, and Yarmouth. She is a member of Maine Women in the Arts.

Website: oilpaintingsofmaine.com