John Bowdren
Pownal, ME

I grew up in Connecticut and went to the School of Visual Arts in New York City, graduating in 1982. My wife Tamara and I settled in Maine in 1992. I enjoy wandering the coast, sketching, painting and exploring, the contrasts and tensions of light and weather along the waters edge, the movement and interaction of water, land and sky, between man made and natural objects catches my interest. The echo of peoples presence is important in my work, objects like wharves or small boats moored to docks or by themselves and how they interact with the light, the time of day, the lines of their designs, their sense of waiting and use, reflections of movement and space speak to my eyes and instinct for what will be an evocative picture. The quality of the light makes Maine a special place, the long warm lingering summer light is particularly interesting, the fusing of colors in the late afternoon, the way the setting sun will light up tree tops or pick out boats on the water. The early morning light, different in feel and tone also speaks of calmness. Each season shows a new face, the clear sharp Winter light, the vivid greens of Spring, the color competition in Autumn, each it’s own challenge of line, color, composition and intention. I paint in oils, acrylic and watercolors. I also work with wood, in sculpture or woodblocks for printing. My emotional reaction to the subject suggests which materials to use. The main thing is to convey the quality of the light, seeing in the landscape how light reveals aspects of composition and how color and light can carry that Ah-Ha moment of discovery and emotion to the viewer.