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Judith Greene-Janse
Portland, Maine

Born in New England and raised in California, I returned to Maine every year of my childhood to spend summers with my grandparents in the forests and on the rocky coastlines. In the mid-90's, I lived in Durham, Maine with my young children for four years, but left again in pursuit of studies and jobs. After many locations (Europe, and the West Coast): since 2021, I have made my home to stay in Portland, Maine. A graduate of Fine Arts and German language at the University of California, Berkeley, I continued by following Graphics studies in Germany, and have worked as a graphic artist, computer graphics college teacher and fine art painter in New York, London, The Netherlands, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Portland, Maine. My road has continually led back to Maine where I reinvent the fabulous traditions of painting the forests and coastlines. I swim in the cold salt water year round and paint mostly the salty water and the rocks.

Puzzle Rocks and Tree