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Judy Shank
Yarmouth, Maine

When I was a little girl my Uncle Bill worked as a printer in a publishing house and would bring me the ends of huge rolls of printing paper. I used that paper to draw and draw and draw. I drew with pencils, with crayons, with chalk. Everything that our art teacher in school taught us, I came home and practiced. Uncle Bill retired when I was about thirteen and around that time I enrolled in a demanding high school that had lots of Latin classes but no art program. My paper source was gone and so was my encouragement. My drawing gradually petered out. Life after that got very busy, but between jobs and family I found time every now and then for an occasional art course and always for trips to museums and galleries. Now, the children are grown, the jobs are completed and it’s my time to draw and draw and draw once again. Maine has been my adopted home for over thirty years and I have found wonderful teachers here who have nurtured and encouraged my interests and talents. The abundance of galleries and museums offer endless opportunities to see how others express themselves visually. I am once again at a point in my life when I can learn and observe and produce my own expressions of the world around me. You’ll probably notice my city roots poking through in most of my paintings - I need to have a building in there to keep me anchored. I hope you enjoy where this journey is taking me.

Fir Reflections