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Leon Gin
Industry, Maine

I make two dimensional images on wood out of aluminum beverage can pieces. As a painter might use oil, acrylic or watercolors, I use the cans for the colors I need. Each can is cut into appropriate shapes and then each piece is nailed to the wood. Hundreds of nails are used in a project. I sometimes incorporate other materials into my art, like sea glass, metal, shells, beads, etc. After the image is complete, I cover the whole piece in epoxy. This gives it a high gloss and a smooth finish. The epoxy also enhances the reflective quality of the aluminum. The reflections change the appearance of the image as it is viewed under different light sources and at different angles. I very much enjoy recycling and upcycling materials into works of art. I hope when people see my work they will have a positive emotional experience. I hope they will see something new or something old in a new way or something completely unexpected.

Saddle-billed Stork