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Mary Mraz
Freeport, Maine

Mary Mraz Artist statement: Even when I am not painting, I see in my mind how I would like to translate the scene that I am observing into the colors and shapes on the canvas. It is usually a pleasurable exercise which eventually may turn into a painting. I am learning more about color and how the application of it draws us into the scene and guides us through. Focusing on the subtleties of the light , shadow and values, scenes unfold before my eyes. I feel fortunate to have found this means of creative expression and plan to continue to observe the world through the lens of a painter. I don’t want to miss the small things that help complete the whole. Biography: I started painting 22 years ago. What started out as a hobby turned into an enjoyable passion. I moved to Maine in the 1970’s from the Philadelphia area to the great expanse of Aroostook County. The never-ending horizon and vast expanse and seasonal beauty of the County, Canada and New England are not only great for sailing,hiking and skiing, but also wonderful subjects for a painter. I am currently living in Freeport, and I never cease to be inspired by the seascapes and surrounding islands and shores. Currently I am working in oils in my Freeport studio and en plein air. Contact information: 207-504-6468  ◦

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