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Maxwell Nolin
Belfast, Maine

MAXWELL NOLIN Painter (American b. 1991 - ) My paintings often stem from visions that take shape when in a pensive state. Some are based on dreams and some are sparked by a person I know or see on the street or elsewhere. I watch people very carefully and have always had a sensitivity to their energy. For the most part, being in their presence when they are sitting for me is enough to get a “sense” of them. I would like my portraits to transcend physical appearance; to catch a glimpse of the model’s personality and spirit. The greatest portraits have this transcendent quality and when I look at them, I not only see the spirit of the subject but also the spirit of the artist. I have quick clarity on how I would like to paint a person. I formulate the composition and try to stay true to my vision, but once a painting has begun it often takes on a life of its own. I like to take it where it needs to go. I start my paintings on wood panel with four coats of gesso. I sand lightly in between coats and then apply a wash of grey imprematura to get the panel to a mid-tone value before I start drawing with charcoal. Currently my backgrounds are inspired by baroque textile patterns. I spend hours on the internet looking for textiles that inspire me and I “riff” off of those, changing the overall design, adding or subtracting areas and trying various color combinations that harmonize with my painting vision. Once the figure is drawn out on the canvas, I then begin to create a line drawing of the pattern around them, which frames the subject and adds to the overall composition. I have a very disciplined work schedule. I paint six days a week for at least 6-8 hours per day. ­­­­On days that I am stressed or distracted I push through. I treat my studio practice as a job and try step up to the easel everyday with focus and gratitude. EDUCATION and TRAINING ​ -The Florence Academy of Art Intensive drawing and painting workshop Florence, Italy ​ -Private instruction - Portrait painting - Vitaly Shtanko Florence, Italy ​ -Private instruction - Linden Frederick 2016 - present Belfast, ME ​ -The School of The Museum of Fine arts Boston, MA ​ -Massachusetts College of Art and Design Summer Studios Boston, MA

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