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Michael Maron
South Portland, Maine

As a 10 year old, I took private watercolor lessons. The first year was great, but I struggled the second and lost interest. The problem turned out to be nearsightedness, which remained undiagnosed for a number of years. By that time, I had developed an interest in science, eventually becoming a physiologist and medical school professor. I didn't pick up a paint brush again until my wife convinced me to do so in retirement. I have been interested in depicting the lobstermen and women whom I encounter along the southern Maine coast. I was initially attracted by their colorful gear (e.g., orange overalls, blue bait barrels, etc.). More recently, this interest has morphed into a desire to document a way of life that is under stress from global warming and a progressive loss of working waterfront and is in danger of disappearing. I am drawn to art that gives me a glimpse of what life was like in the past, and I strive to do the same for those viewing in the future. I paint in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. I've been told that my style is precise and yet a little bit abstract. When painting with oil, I am partial to painting alla prima. In the summer, I paint outdoors "en plein air."