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Molly Mugler
Cushing, Maine

I have been called an emerging artist. Although how I could be an emerging anything after 70 years of age is beyond me. That said, I am an artist - more specifically a Maine artist through and through. As my work tends to focus on what is immediately around me, most of my paintings in the past several years are of subject matter less than 3 miles from my Cushing home. I am drawn to the unique scenes of coastal Maine, and simple objects that display transitions of light and shadow and negative space. While watercolors have been my primary medium, I have recently been working in oil and other mediums during the past two years. And I am fortunate to have found a tribe of fellow creatives here in Maine who inspire and encourage me. Painting has been a creative respite and source of reflection through decades of raising children, practicing law, providing elder care and trying to eradicate the biggest dust bunnies and the tallest weeds. It has tapped my underutilized right brain and given me quiet satisfaction. Recently retired with children grown and gone and elder care no longer needed, I am focusing more on my art. I have been painting, off and on, for 40 years. While I am primarily self-taught, I have studied extensively with some of New England’s and Maine’s best. You can see more of my work on Instagram at #MollyMuglerart and at my website,

Davis Cove Herreshoff