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Molly Mugler
Cushing, Maine

My work focuses on natural and made objects that fit their space gracefully. I paint what is immediately around me and most recent works are of subject matter near my Cushing home. I am drawn to the unique scenes of coastal Maine, transitions of light and shadow and negative space. While watercolors have been my primary medium, I also work in oil and other mediums. Painting has been a creative respite through decades of raising children, practicing law and providing elder care. It has tapped my underutilized right brain and given me quiet satisfaction. Now retired from law, with children grown and gone, and elder care no longer needed, I am focusing more on my art. I have been painting, off and on, for 40 years. While primarily self-taught, I have studied extensively with several well-known artists and have taken workshops in Ireland, France, the Bahamas, Monhegan and Massachusetts. _____ You can see my work on Instagram #mollymuglerart, at Art Space Gallery in Rockland, ME or on my website –

Jewel Toned Rocks
Three Canoes at Stoney Lake