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Pam Brennan
Brunswick, Maine

Artist Statement Pam Brennan I am a Maine native living midcoast, finding inspiration to paint in oils the beauty of sea, sky, and forests. I prefer the medium of oil because of the way I can blend, mix and play with the color on my palette and canvas. It absorbs me in a way that time passes by hours that feel like minutes. As I slow down in nature, taking the time to really see, I am drawn to light, shapes and colors that intrigue and inspire me to put them on canvas, holding a memory of the peace felt there and experiencing it again by painting it. Many of my landscape paintings have sea and sky blues or forest and fern greens. The mixing of oils to find the portrait colors of a sweet face of a child or a bird feels like magic, connects me to the light found in their eyes and touches my heart. I spend a lot of time on boats on coastal islands, lakes and beaches. The light, clouds, reflections, shadows and seasons never cease to entertain and bring a lighter heart. In our world, where the pace is ever increasingly too fast, I hope my paintings evoke peace, an awe of nature or triggers the heart strings to another place you treasure.

Clouds in the Treetops