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Paulus Wanrooij
Harpswell, Maine

Creating, constructing, building has always been very fulfilling to me. I built my first pieces in my early twenties. Simple and basic cabinets, though my friends liked them and were eager to have them in their homes. Later on I built a 14-foot sailboat from some simple drawings. I have to say that I had more fun building the boat than sailing it! Woodworking is in my genes. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, where my father and uncle were both craftsman. I feel that through them, I inherited a sense for beauty, harmony and balance. Often in the past people suggested that I make a living with my hands, and finally I have acted on these suggestions. After many years in a managerial position (where my design skills received international recognition through my PowerPoint presentations at telecom conferences), I made a career change and in 2001 I entered the Fine Woodworking Program at Haywood Community College in North Carolina. This nationally renowned program admits only eight students per year, and I was fortunate enough to be one of them. Since that time I have devoted myself to developing the skills that allow me to make fine furniture. Although I work within the four walls of a studio, my mind enjoys traveling beyond the limitations of traditional designs. This is where the creative ideas start, capturing that first idea and all the possibilities for its development. The creative process starts with sketches, full-size drawings, and full-scale models. Sometimes a piece progresses step-by-step: first the legs, then the aprons and finally the top. All along the way I play with different possibilities using plain cardboard to visualize the evolving character of the piece. I craft pieces of furniture that are a pleasure to live with - harmonious creations of functionality and beauty. Cherry, maple, walnut, butternut, birch, apple wood and sycamore are some of my favorite woods to work with. Through my work I have created a fulfilling life for my wife and myself, while adding comfort and harmony to the living and working environment of my clients.

Oceana end table