Richard Hilgendorff
Portland, ME

The world is full of beauty, but we rarely slow down enough to see some of the smallest wonders. As a worldscape photographer, my purpose is to capture the simple beauty of the world around us from a perspective that the viewer may have missed in our hurried, busy lives. I want my images to be things or places people have seen before but offer them a new and different perspective to some of the smaller details. To view nature’s normal in an ethereal, transcendent and minimalistic sort of way. Deep simple colors, negative space and motion/stillness influence my work. By using various camera techniques, I am able to pull out depth and create calmness from motion, enhancing the intensity and calmness of the experience. My goal is to have the viewer walk away wondering why they had never looked at the world from this particular perspective and challenging themselves to appreciate the beauty around them differently than they have before.