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Rhonda Miller
South Berwick, Maine

The quality of our connection to nature is a reflection of our connection to ourselves. As a child, Rhonda Miller spent hours in the woods and fields of the New Hampshire Seacoast. As a young adult she traveled extensively, but returned to make the Seacoast her home - though she still loves a good adventure. Rhonda attended MassArt and UNH, getting degrees in Art and Art Education. In addition to creating her own work, Rhonda enjoys helping others kindle and tend their creative fires. Rhonda’s work hangs in local galleries, private collections and she is a member of numerous local associations. She has immersed herself in art making through projects like; a yearlong painting project, writing a book, opening a gallery, residencies and starting supportive art groups. Rhonda observes the world, noticing subtle, soulful nuances that inform her art making. Rhonda likes to experiment; playing with styles, ideas and media. She works primarily as a painter, but creates large sculptural pieces as well. Through experimentation a couple themes have shown up repeatedly in her work; whimsical nature and vulnerable humanity. Reflecting on the incongruities of life keeps Rhonda endlessly interested and outside of her comfort zone - which is where creative potential lives. When not in her studio, Rhonda is in the woods, on the beach, spending time with friends and tilting at windmills. Rhonda loves living with her kind husband, two treat-happy dogs and an elderly cat.