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Robin Gleeson-Warren
Portland, Maine

Robin creates unique abstract works with oil paint and cold wax medium. Working with cold wax involves using palette knives, squeegees, brayers, and various found objects in a multilayered approach. Paint and wax are added and scraped into, layer upon layer, creating depth and texture. This happens in an expressive and spontaneous way, responding in the moment as the painting slowly evolves. The building up of these layers over time creates a visual history that gives cold wax paintings a unique complexity. Robin's compositions are fully imaginary, while deeply inspired by being in nature. Her goal is not to depict a specific scene or tell a viewer what to see, but rather to evoke your personal feelings associated with ethereal and timeless places. Using texture and abstract compositions, she creates intimate and emotive images that encourages one’s own reflection and interpretation. Through her work, Robin hopes viewers feel inspired and intrigued.

Urban Shores