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Robin Swennes
Arundel, Maine

I've been a fan of Maine, ever since moving here in 1977. I am finally living in the type of rural area that I always craved, in a house that I designed. It was by far my most interesting, challenging and fulfilling 'art project' ever! For now, most of my paintings focus on farm life or Maine themes. I use acrylics, usually on wooden panels but occasionally on canvas. My style ranges from representational (my blueberry pieces fit this description) or dappled/ impressionistic and sometimes abstract. In every case, I prefer the look of paintings and brushstrokes over super realism or photography because I find that to be more relaxing to the eye and more intriguing for the brain. I am averse to being boxed into one particular subject matter, so stay tuned for different pieces because I can feel myself moving towards the abstracts these days.

The Three Tenors