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Sandra Chase Morrissey
Falmouth, Maine

I LOVE to paint! My artwork reflects my love of color combinations and highlights my atypical painting technique, with eye catching acrylics on canvas. In every piece, I want the viewer to experience my artwork and imagine the paint adventure I have created! With every painting, I push myself to explore new color combinations, new subject matter, and most recently new painting styles. My satisfaction with the completion of one painting quickly develops ideas for the next painting or painting series. I am constantly learning and growing in my Art. I have no formal training, so anything goes! I confidently declared myself an artist in 2013, after becoming unreserved with my painting technique and loved the result. All my paintings truly incorporate my energetic personality and my love for fun. My paintings are happy because I am always smiling when I paint them. I have a beautiful, sunny artist studio in Falmouth Maine and I love visitors. Sandra

Forest Merriment
Fort Gorges!