Stephen Thomas
CUmberland, ME

Steve Thomas Steve Thomas began taking pictures at age 8 when he was given a Kodak Brownie camera. With the Brownie he discovered the joy of taking pictures. At age 21 in the service in Korea he purchased two Nikons and various lenses for his older brother. By the time he returned to the US he had begun photographing seriously and his brother never got the equipment. While attending college in Washington, D.C., Steve took photography courses and taught 35 mm black and white photography at the New Thing Art and Architecture Center a black cultural art center. Students he taught were motivated pre-teens who within 8 months began to display images in neighborhood shows located where ever they could find wall space and a willing shop owner. The young photographers found wall space in barbershops, hairdressing salons, automotive repair shops, restaurants, grocery stores, a church and eventually a neighborhood gallery. At age 35 Steve was blinded in one eye and gave up photography. After his two children were born he picked up his camera and returned to making images. He hasn’t stopped. Steve has attended workshops with Minor White, Ron and Wendy Snyder McNeil, George Thomas, Tony Sweet, Tillman Crane and Jim Nickelson. At George Washington University (GW) he took photojournalism courses with staff of GW, the National Geographic magazine and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Steve thrives on honest critique, strong support and interesting subject matter. Steve has exhibited images at the New Thing Art and Architecture Center, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Yarmouth Historical Center, the Yarmouth Art Show and the Maine Photography Show. Steve can be contacted at 207-671-5978 or at