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Susan Partridge
Scarborough, Maine

For over forty years, I worked as a child and family therapist. My work necessitated me to look at “layers” of all kinds—emotions, conflicts, strengths, relationships. In the last decade, I have been using layers in my photography. While I make straight photographs, I love to create composites, or images combining two or more photographic images. I create composites that evoke meanings, a sense of spirit, illustrate the beauty of nature, or simply captivate imagination and mystery. In addition to composites, I create “sphera.” Sphera is the name I use for an orb that originates from a single photographic image, turned and spiraled until it becomes a circular shape. I may or may not add other photos to construct a sphera composite, but all are edited for maximum clarity and interest. Whether straight photography, composites or sphera, I strive for my images to leave the viewer captivated by one or more aspects of my work, to feel something and to wonder. I have exhibited my art work in numerous galleries and juried shows over the past seven years.

Sunset On the Beach